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  • Use of both Fitness Center (FitWorks) and fitness classes are for members only.

  • All members must swipe their security access card to enter FitWorks.

  • Anyone using the facility must be a current member and have a waiver on file.

  • Please do not bring unauthorized guests or children under the age of 18 into Fitworks.

  • Please limit your cardio workout to 30 minutes if someone is waiting.

  • Please limit your towel usage to two towels per day.

  • Handle the weights and weight stacks gently and carefully.

  • Return all equipment to their designated area after use.

  • Clean equipment after your workout by wiping it down with the disinfectant Gym Wipes supplied in FitWorks.

  • Please do not use offensive language.

  • Treat each other with dignity, respect, and courtesy.

  • Share equipment with others – work in sets when using the strength training equipment.

  • No food is allowed in FitWorks.

  • Lockers are for temporary use only while working out.

  • Personal locks can be used to secure your items and may be removed if kept on a locker overnight.

  • Do not hang towels or clothing in the locker room – please take clothes with you and deposit towels in designated bins after your workout.

  • Appropriate fitness attire is required, including shirts and athletic footwear.

  • Please be courteous of your fellow members by keeping television and all other electronic device volumes to a minimum or by listening through your personal headphones.

  • Contact the fitness staff with any questions regarding use of FitWorks and its policies.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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